Feb, 2013.

It is almost impossible! High-school students in Java programming, again. In this semester, classic Java GUIs, Swing annoyances, design patterns are on the plate.

Oct, 2012.

Unusual idea from Digital Magic: Led Zeppelin

Sep, 2013.

Digital Magic, season #6. It has been a while, many of the old DM students are studying on leading universities already. However, a new generation is coming. :) Digital Magic on Facebook

Aug, 2012.

Talking about impossible, we have just finished a huge project, with a small team of developers, in time. It makes me feel good :)

Feb, 2012.

Yes, the first Hungarian satellite, MaSat-1 has been launched. Quite amazing, isn't it. A team of just a couple of students can engineer a working satellite. MaSat-1 Oh, more on this at Official site of MaSat

Dec, 2011.

Winter slowdown - really nothing too much is happening now. Time to polish our army of tools for the next assignment!

July, 2011.

Summer is starting! For our customers, this is the time to relax. For us, this is the most busy part of the year. When our customers will come back from their holidays, they'll find their new stunning software products ready for shipping.

June, 2011.

Finally completed! On the Digital Magic course, the high-school students have finished building a clone of the Batak game. High durability slot-machine buttons, programmable DonGó Béta output controllers, rocking music and funny playing experience! But, the real meaning is: technology is a game. Don't afraid of it, tame it!

November, 2010.

We have extended our DonGó electronic building set with a new element. With DonGó Béta, you can write your software on your PC. The software is then able to control real-world inputs and outputs with the DonGó Béta board. Great educational tool to learn how embedded-systems work!

September, 2010.

At the Digital Magic course (sponsored by DoneKey), high-school students learn about digital logic circuits. The DonGó building set ensures smooth landing for anyone to this part of the jungle of electronics.

January, 2010.

We'll have a very busy year ahead. A new customer of us have an important and sensitive software-integration task.

January, 2009.

Developing a user interface for the youngests, at the age of 2, is really challenging. By utilizing a cutting-edge touch-sensing technology, and designing a linear, only-graphical user interface, even the youngests are capable for navigating a computer.

December, 2008.

McSoft, one of the leading supporter of the embedded development seminar Digital Magic provides a dedicated domain registration and free hosting for the seminar.

SOS Electronic, the electronic component supplier donates a whole box of electronic components. With these components, building a purely gesture-based computer interface, and a virtual 3D head-tracking system becomes possible.

November, 2008.

The embedded development seminar called Digital Magic won the "Most innovative school of the year" award.

September, 2008.

Our LED light source range was epanded. The new LED bars and LED stripes are available in single color, RGB, one-chip RGB variants. The new range offers indoor as well as outdoor light sources.

August, 2008.

We have extended our porfolio with two way ISM radio. Using this technology is a key element of the home automation technology.

Our first home automation system, DOHA will be retired at the end of this year. The new generation, called !GREEN!DOHA! will replace the old system.

!GREEN!DOHA! provides easier integration and will support a high performance true multi-master protocol, with standalone fail-over operation.

July, 2008.

A key contract has been signed for EMS services with our newest partner.

This contract allows us serving not only hardware prototypes but also larger quantities.

June, 2008.

The first semester of our embedded development seminar, called Digital Magic has ended.

During this seminar we have proven a novel education system, which allows anyone to get the first grasp on microcontrollers and embedded technology within 6 hours.

In this first semester, a Reactable-clone has been developed, as well as a laser-harp and a few other tricky musical instruments involving advanced technology.

For more info, please visit the Digitális Mágia page, created by the grammar school students attending to the course. (Available only in Hungarian.)

May, 2008.

Our image has been changed. The old flow-chart alike logo has been changed to a new super-ball, which highlights our goals better.

Remember, we're serving literally everything from the core components to the last piece of documentation.