Developing complex software and hardware systems is always a complicated task. Utilizing our experience in hardware, embedded software, desktop and server-side software makes DoneKey a valuable partner for complex projects.


We are happy to provide professional software developers, administrators, testers for subcontracting work. In this case, the developers work at the premises of our customers, in the project of the customer.

Remote work

Working from home is both cost efficient and successful way. Physical distance may make working on-site complicated. By utilizing the communication possibilities of the Internet, development discussions are held over secure AIM or Skype chat service. Software releases are made over a secure FTP channel. Remote work is used in our everyday life, supporting and developing the stock exchange trading system of our main customer is done trough a VPN channel, from Hungary.

Our mission

Our goal is to provide solutions, not only a piece of software or hardware. We participate in the design, collect opinions and requirements of the potential users, and present all the possible optimal solutions to our customers.